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nerve tissue can be rendered ineffective while the propagation of

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The American Veterinary Medical Association is not responsible for views or statementa

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differing in no respects from the anaesthesia of ultra

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nancy. 15. The autctiltalor s tffM the placental bruit and the

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the above mentioued substances. She confessed once to have taken

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to dwell on uterine displacements and especially the irritable

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sists in the comparison between the sounds produced by a series of

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and to eliminate the factor of accidents in estimating the effi

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time to time transferred to a large State institution. This sugges

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and vile exchange of lewd jokes and foul reeking stories at

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where sick soldiers were congregated in the streets through

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family wrongly thinking that such medicines are crude much stronger

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N.B. At their first registration in October Candidates will be required to produce

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in question. Dr. E has given no further description of the appear

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An indelible record of such peril is made in the necrotic tips of

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dangers of vaccination is insignificant when compared to the

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to the lazaret. The munber of deaths exceeded 8 000 in the

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occasions to carry out the examination when called upon lo do so

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nation and Certificate may relate or by whom such Declaration may have

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In every case however this is a matter easy to be decided. We

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sinuses were much congested. The urinary bladder was emjity the

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gy Co. makes a specialty of rigs and repairs for physicians. He

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breathed the proportion of the weight of the body to that of the

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mal function only as they affect the structure or the environment

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now know that they are both absolutely preventable at least


of the composition of the living tissue. The very act of analysis

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years and for a year before the operation she had taken

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mtinlionfld and ta in itself nothing else than n scicntificnlly produced

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