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ments for admission were that every candidate for her degree

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improbable that the child had died in the water been drowned but

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Notes on an outbreak of contagious pneumonia in donkeys. O Post mortem.

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considerations may not be out of place. This proposition is

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the war in which the food supply is such a conspicuous factor.

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case of the white American maid servani who produced twins one

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Let pacifists disentangle themselves from their cloudy theo

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it began to abate. A great many nurses and attendants

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year that has just past in the opinion of many persons

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tee of arrangements have also arranged for clinical courses which

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in with them were sick men suffering from dysentery typhus fever

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pearances just described will be found where only mnsturhatory

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countries. In Denmark an epidemic had raged in the year

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Successful candidates will receive the rank pay and allowance

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diet and habits of life many can be cured and in almost

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may Ik finished before being drawn into service. It should be

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was attributable to a transplantation of it from France or

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I will be ever vigilant in aiding the general welfare

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the teeth or mucous membrane. It is pleasant to the

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cautions against the effects of excessively warm weather should

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should be resorted to first and then if not successful cholecys

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patient s position should be changed three or four times a day

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nevertheless the beginning of the epidemic was probably not

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must be vaccinated. The result was that from that time on

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can be resected with impunity. He collected seventeen cases

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Take then this final charge. Whether in th calm routine of

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of rape is a man of noble birth or whether another accused of

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His treatment consists in lavage disinfection and cleansing of

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the fact that we were dealing with a deep seated cystic corpus

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dark and not unusnally fluid blood. Nothing else was found in the 1

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sources of his time but in our day a less depressing therapeutics

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Except in the cases and instances hereinbefore provided to the contraiy in order

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to the inhabitants. The epidemic which spread rapidly

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line of treatment cannot be fully observed. In my dis

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feet. Each department had its own gateway for ingress and

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from mercury it is again given for six months in tonic

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eah has its advantages and disadvantages we will see that

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in living tissue. Within later years the extreme views have been

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ably an oedematous endometrium that surrounds tjie ovum. It

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