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C. was now also probably not pregnant but it was certain that she

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shire. While the feeding of buckwheat was suspected by Dr.

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mors were completely removed at an early stage they did not re

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Numerous specimens were sent to the laboratory for diagnosis. No

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same nerve may have different functions. Bear in mind that the

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that fully three fourths of the treatment received by the gen

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constitute wide bands in the blue and violet and two

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its bearing upon Physiology Pathology and Therapeutics and

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in Europe. Lusk refers to the claims made for the drug that

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and including the 30th day of December in the year in which it

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cleaning out of privies is often possible only to a very insuffi

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Manias should be intensified by light until exhaus

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like a shock of apoplexy whenever the mind from unexpected joy or

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and overcoming of secondary lesions. This with additional attention

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Small pox is supposed to have been conveyed into Italy by

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small pox occurred in the Sandwich Islands and in Borneo

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accepted my invitation and sailed from New York by steamer

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performed and where intubation is required the tube is kept

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conception of the nature and pathology of locomotor ataxia. Un

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in which 651 persons contracted the disease and 114 suc

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pletinff their fourteenth year are forbidden to marry.

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I myself must confess that even a finger accustomed to such explora

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they do not concern us here except secondarily as we

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at the home of Dr. and Mrs. William Likoff in November

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pressed the pillow on her mouth and with the other held both of

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AcroiAaglo the Ataneatof Um maimikj k gt ascalM ia a

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Medical Association the State Medical Societies of Illinois

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ditions are present this same colon bacillus becomes actively path

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Oct. 22 Ethel Dunn salary as Assistant Secretary hired by Dr.

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to it through the trials that her brother students thrust in her

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tracted gestation. In fact there are only three scientific points of

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school will provide conditions which are favorable for learning will supply

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was that the firmest foundation of a medical education was the

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scientific reasons and proofs in regard to a perhaps somewhat com

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nant women themselve. and besides the manifold and obvious reasons

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army s lines of march large numbers of sick soldiers were

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factory girls in tbe large cotton factories of Manchester and Glasgow

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completely lost consciousness and the physical pain together

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never been pregnant and who only after the infliction of violencp

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tively. My experience in cases of abortion is quite limited. I be

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President Cotton Editor Fish Treasurer Schneider and Secre

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be understood that a structure may be perverted in the sense of

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On the following day the general subject of the abortion group

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mixture. 3r vaccination of 5 cms. of toxin mixed with 2 of iodined

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contact and for the application of sutures. Every Abdominal

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concerned all that can be done would be to trephine at the seat

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civilizations or their decadence there are hosts of

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Second month up to the end of the eighth week. About the end

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have taken the proper method of bringing this about by combining

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now been reunited in one which is represented by the scientifically

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ligatures from the parietal peritoneum of cattle or

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long after death the section was performed W Schmitt does not

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before the time at which the sweat usually comes on. The writer