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forty fourth and forty fifth weeks after the commencement of preg
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the Peuid Code never mentions the words virginity or deflora
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On the twenty first day I killed the dog which was just before
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ngaliliotw in regard to the crime of producing abortion speak only
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to the abnormal previous condition of the stomach. Hence let none
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changes found in the carcass after death. These are purple blotches
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drained without them they were not needed. They might be a
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notwithstanding the fact that the cases were fairly numerous.
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Every doctor 1 in this country should have a copy of
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spread to all the houses with the exception of one.
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The statute it insists cannot be so construed as to permit a
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This disturbance may be in the nature of a hypertrophy. An over
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Congress they are charged with preserving and maintaining the
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the Congress there are fourteen Vice presidents of the same
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ployed by the murderess and subsequently recognised as such by
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was dead the case was not further followed out and we were not
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When we thus consider the important functions of these vital
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or immediately after its birth. The Austrian penal code says At
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A saturated solution of lime contains less than cow s milk. In a
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I her. The entrance to the vagina was still reddened and painful
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supposed existence of a very violent attack of pneumonia I mast
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climate season atmospheric and other environmental circumstances
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into the meatus until air could no longer pass through and there
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duction of toxins this must be continued till after labor
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that contracted the disease and the number that succumbed
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maturia treated without quinine recovered more rapidly than