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and am nearly always well pleased with its effects.

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In the Governmental District of Cologne small pox became

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cholera were reported a few days after the city was occupied.

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eased unless certified by the proper officials as being clean.

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prior to his admission thereto. The next Examination will be held in December.

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The Age will publish an abstract of the proceedings of the St.

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excitement. Ordered strict diet and iron to be resumed.

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unless it Is that the heat and light of summer are so

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serted under the lateral edge of the nail so that the

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have been dug within our boundaries by the enemies of our country

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made by the investigating Judge the sense of which may be gained

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this bone is pressing upon the brain he will obtain great benefit

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fever contracted in the winter campaign and since further

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ley Hospital for two hours on Wednesdays and two hours on

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syphilis. Both eyes invariably become affected though not

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bacteriological diagnosis. We had at our department a slide made

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