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small pox patients were housed only in the city hospital.
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medicme. We have used many remedies but nothing that works as
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Each professor delivered his own ticket to his lectures and
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ing parts involved hence I abandoned the operation stitched
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at special periods. In this case the irritable mucosa with whatever
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In the year 1864 an epidemic of small pox had broken out.
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I cannot close this paper without urging the impor
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Virginia but he was very much mistaken when he presumed
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It remains to be stated that Pillard was sent to the coal mines
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of persons who contracted the disease in the field lazarets
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wall if the pelvis it was found impossible in endeavouring to keep
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third and fourth years. Clinical lectures and demonstrations to sections
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to bed and a large dose of antipyrin administered and
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certificates and shall comply Avith such regulations as regards examination as shall
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small coloboma averts prolapse of iris as certainly as does a
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pure blooded for breeding purposes shall before delivery make a report to
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Or the accelerators may carry too many or too rapid impulses to
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ondary and analogous to nephritis of scarlatina. The liver
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informed of research opportunities and to encourage first hand experi
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conceived theories based upon comparatively few facts. The begin
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than to any other man I think he was unfortunate in centraliz
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Aristotle and Plato with their contemporaries dealt largely with
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stance Pfluger has shown that a stimulus applied to a limb of a
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work th erefore is rather a mere outline of the various subjects that
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After the beginning of the exophthalmic goitre she died of
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was given chloroform and in a little while was on the
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surely applying a curative measure in the breaking up of adhesions
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osophy of its action lies in its vegetable albumin and
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On the return march from Russia some 40 000 men of Mac
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well read physician knows that only about two ounces of abso
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and treatment of eye ear nose and throat diseases are systematically
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course of his lectures he would cite him on all subjects. Calomel
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