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blood flows more freely and the alkalinity of the tissues is restored

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face of the cranium which can be seen at a distance

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One of the most pernicious practices prevailing in this country

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proved that these animals would without any trouble resist the in

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on the surface of the body the structural changes occasioned by these

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likewise capable of protecting rabbits against virulent anthrax bacilli

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assumed if the organization of cell life be intact. If then the

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cells. On incising the hepatiaed tissue no bloody froth flows out

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course not acted upon or printed in the Journal it seems proper

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ment The case the coimection of which ia unknown to me was

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yet to be objectively appreciated vide p. 357 further on. Eveij

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When I graduated and left the University I appreciated that

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While French prisoners were bringing typhus fever into

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hol. The ridges of the folds looked precisely as asbestos. The

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merous Additions from the Third German E.l rion by Morris

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Midwifery with practical instruction and a certificate of having per

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on investigation by the State Health Officer and other physi

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the heart s action and makes it feebler. It was first

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method is efficacious are the following in headache the suboccipital

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was directly connected with the war. Reissner and Neidhart

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by the excessive use of alcohol or from exposure to the

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owners have arrived at of their own volition generally is bloody

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since it was first pointed out that the open tropical

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Of the prisoners in the Governmental District of Liegnitz

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cell is disturbed and the cell may be invaded by substances that it

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We must also bear in mind that only a small per centage of

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thing we learned from Dr. Downing was that using abbreviations

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energy or food are constantly being built utilized and destroyed

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as food. Gillman Thompson gives the following recipe for mak

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fallacious and dangerous and it is for this reason that in my

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quarters. Let the part get well and the scabs fall off themselves

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ia the fallowing five examples which constitute the only ones

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wide dissemination of small pox in Berlin was the fact

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there is much from physiological and embryological investigation

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Congenital uul formal ions of this character pass into so called

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lowed a ground pea while laughing. She was instantly

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cervix. The general condition of the patient was good.

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rates will be found to increase in any one type the

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of certain mathematical laws of growth concerning the relation of

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plication and when so cut was the best possible dressing in all

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Thre are numerous other symptoms of minor importance

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Fifth. The position preferred by the patient is some

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delivered with the prisoner to the principal officer of the penal

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force of gravity carries the intestines toward the dia

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to the same bar accused of having practised the same abomination as

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infected with typhus fever and the overcrowded hospitals

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Circular Missive of this Mlnistby fok Medical Affaibs

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diagnosticated and the various stages of fracture watched with

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the plastic operation on his eye lid which was per

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from the materials taken in through the alimentary and respiratory

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one hand while indicating our potentialities on the other. Can you

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a longer respite from it by bringing certificates from their medical

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l r Le Grand has studied auto sterilization in relation to the

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the towns along the mihtary road e. g. in Vocklabruck

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forceps. Any diseased condition of the cervix as cancer cervi

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be infected in contaminated brooders. The course of the disease is

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nature or medicinal remedies would afford relief. Granted that

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ments muscles vessels and nerves of the human body prepared within

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France is the statement of the remarkable fact that

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